I find it odd how in a matter of days your focus can completely switch from one thing to another. Over January and now February, I have taken a break from writing on my blog just to focus on other things such as my UCAS. For those who don't know (count yourself lucky), your UCAS… Continue reading Focus



What actually is modelling? This is something that I have been really thinking about lately and I particularly wanted to address when I was doing this 'modelling' thing for my friend's media coursework. DISCLAIMER: I use the word modelling in the loosest possible way and through this I am in no way inferring that I… Continue reading Modelling.


What I think about the Royal family

Absolutely love them. I will go on about all the other reasons in a second but honestly the main reason I absolutely love the royal family is because they genuinely bring people happiness. For example the news of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's engagement was probably the first time I have been happy watching the… Continue reading What I think about the Royal family